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Systems, Strategies and Support
For Women In Business

Your one-stop-shop for business guidance, structure and community.

We do things differently here.

The Squad is personally curated to suit your needs.

No more shouting into the ether and getting drowned out in a Facebook group.

Here you’ll find personalised advice and support that’s highly relevant to your business goals.

What exactly is the SoleFire Squad?

We’re a community of women small business owners based in Australia who meet for regular virtual masterminding, goal planning, workshopping, and more.

To join the Squad, you fill out an in-depth application about your business and goals.

From there, you are strategically matched with a group of around 4-6 other female founders in non-competing industries, who have skillsets that compliment your values and business goals.

Then, over the six month semester, you meet once a month for a structured ‘mastermind session’ (facilitated personally by Emily).

These sessions are designed to keep you on track, strategise and brainstorm ideas for your business, and simply connect you to women who understand the ups and downs of small business life.

In the words of current members:

"There is no where else you can get this kind of personalised business support... it's truly unique."

Emily sitting in front of laptop on a Zoom call with other business owners

What Type Of Business owners are in The Squads?

We’re a dynamic and diverse group of women coming from a wide range of sectors and scales of business …that’s what makes the Squad so unique.

You’ll find a variety of different business owners, both in service-based and product-based businesses.

It is highly beneficial to have a spectrum of business owners with different experiences and life stages across each group.
(So don’t worry, you’re never too young or too old!)

The beauty is your perspective will be unique and new to others in the group too. We all have something to offer!

And thanks to the thorough application process, consideration will be put into how you are paired with complimentary businesses.

In the words of current members:

Psst... peek inside The Squad

What sort of topics can you get help with?

Here's a few (real-world) examples... (shared with permission)

Mastermind Brainstorm Example #1

“Hey Squad, I need to add some new lower-priced offers to my suite, can we brainstorm the right price point and which topics would be most relevant to my niche?”

Mastermind Brainstorm Example #2

“My business is growing and I need to hire some help. I’m weighing up options between a contractor and an employee, as well as if I want someone to white label for me. What is your experience with any of this or your words of advice?”

Mastermind Brainstorm Example #3

“My new service offering has taken off and I am way busier than I expected. It’s a great problem to have but I want to make sure I don’t burn out. Can we discuss some of your most successful strategies?”

Mastermind Brainstorm Example #4

“We’re wanting to expand our product range this quarter and here are the options we are weighing up. Which one would you most want to purchase and which do you think is most aligned with our brand?”

If only we could show you all the epic responses!

The best part is that your Squad intimately knows and understands your business, so you’ll get personalised attention and highly relevant responses.

It’s like having a pit-crew of business advisors.

Group Chat Example #1

“I need some help. I originally thought I had another roll of 1000 labels so wasn’t in any rush to do the new artwork I was planning. Actually don’t have any left, so after first panicking now been trying to get the new label finalised. Just wanted to ask what you think of the text below for the back of the bottle and if it makes sense? My brain is a bit fried after getting up at 5am to watch 4 hours of Eurovision. #eurovisiontragic”

Group Chat Example #2

“Ty for helping me out with my pricing yesterday squad! I’ve put together a bit of a downloadable guide – would love to know what your thoughts are from the perspective of a client receiving this :grin: Too expensive? Not expensive enough? Not enough inclusions? Anything missing? Unclear? Etc :sweat_smile: Be brutal, I need the honesty/reality check haha :heart:

Group Chat Example #3

“Hey Squad, I currently have a small digital product (here) that I made evergreen after doing it as a live workshop. I was thinking about where it fits in offerings-wise with my new branding and I’m just not sure.
I’ve spent some time moving it all into my LMS (thrivecart learn, highly recommend btw) so I don’t want to just get rid of it completely.
I’ve been trying to think about how I can work it in as maybe an upsell or tripwire. I’d love to know your thoughts!”

What's Included:

5 x Masterminds

Starting this July 2023, meet with your mindfully matched Squad (over Zoom) once a month for a structured mastermind session.

Each month we’ll check in on your progress, celebrate your wins, brainstorm or develop business ideas and learn from each other.

At the end of the session you’ll be guided to set goals to keep you on track for the month ahead.


Optional 'Connect Window': We'll kick-off each monthly session 15 mins early so you can catchup with your Squadmates before getting down to business.

Perfect for some of those social moments we miss out on by not working from an office.

Squad Slack Channel

Your go-to place for support

Use your group chat to:
- Ask questions between masterminds
- Receive personalised feedback
- Celebrate your wins
- Get encouragement, cheerleading and pep-talks on tap!


You’ll also be part of our #squadcohort channel so you can share ideas and make connections outside of your dedicated Squad, too.

Weekly Roll Call

Kick distractions to the curb and stay on track

Your facilitator Emily will check in via your group chat once a week to help you stay accountable to your goals (and talk through any roadblocks if need be).

We understand that business and life don't always go to plan though, so think of it as a friendly, low-pressure nudge.

Just a little extra accountability if you need it.

Bonus Perks:

Semester KickOff

Part strategy session, part party!

Workshop and crystalise your goals for the semester and meet your Squadmates and the rest of the cohort for the first time.

You’ll leave the session feeling motivated, inspired and ready to tackle the months ahead.

Strategy & Momentum Day

Mid-semester momentum boost and clarity workshop

This virtual session is designed to ignite your inspiration and help you stay in alignment with your big-picture goals.

We'll workshop and help you gain insights in your business to make sure you're focusing in the right places.

Monthly Virtual Coworking

Delegated time to work on your business (instead of in it)

Meetup with us on Zoom to take action on your goals in the company of the Squad cohort.

Productivity and networking all in one go, talk about efficiency!

Community-Unity Session

Optional social sesh packed with games, trivia and LOLs

Join the cohort for a session to let your hair down, unwind from the grind, and connect with women who just 'get it'!

Value Pledge

Intentionally curated for maximum value

All inclusions are designed to bring maximum value, without any unnecessary bloat, or glitz n' glam for the sake of it.

We're committed to providing accessible business support that's focused on what matters... you hitting your goals.

Group Mastermind & Celebration

Join the cohort for a group mastermind and celebration

Come together to celebrate and consolidate after a successful semester together.

This session's agenda is a bit of a surprise, so just be prepared to learn something new and have a good time together!

Ready to Smash Your Business goals?

($109 per Month)
6 Months
Payment Plan
($744 over 6 months)
per Month
To maximise clarity and affordability,
all prices are presented in Australian dollars.

"The Squad was essential to surviving the highs and lows of my business this semester"

Here's What To Do Next:

Fill in your Squad application so we can learn more about you, your business, and your goals.

We'll then perform our match-making magic to place you with your dream Squad mates!


Upon application, you’ll complete an in-depth questionnaire about your business and your goals.

Emily then utilises her experience as a business and mindset mentor to match you with other Squad members who will compliment your values and goals.

Usually 5-6 business owners per Squad.

We find this to be the ideal number to get the benefit of multiple ‘business brains’ while still an intimate size allowing genuine connections to form.

Your Squad will meet at a time within business hours that suits you and the rest of your Squadmates.

We’ll ask you to provide your availability in your application and then we’ll determine the most suitable time slot.

This will be on the same day and time each month for the entire semester, making it easy to plan for.

Emily Pruitt, founder of SoleFire Secrets To Success, is your facilitator and oversees all Squads and sessions.

Emily has facilitated Masterminds and group programs for over 10 years, in both Australia and the USA.

You sure will.

All of our bonus sessions (like the virtual Strategy Day and co-working) are for the entire Squad cohort.

Be sure to come along to snap up the opportunity to make even more connections.

You’ll be committing to around 3-4 hours each month, which includes your 2-hour Mastermind and optional bonus sessions (from coworking to cheers-ing).

The Squad is a community, so as a member, your success depends on you making it a priority.

While you’ll get LOADS of value from participating, it’s important that you understand the Squad thrives on reciprocal exchange.

This means that although we understand life happens sometimes, you will be expected to show up for your monthly Mastermind at minimum.

This is totally understandable and more common than you’d think.

We’ve designed the sessions to help our members strategise not just the systems and plan that are going to be needed (to combat the ups and downs on biz-life), but also the mindset and perspectives that are going help navigate the emotions of that journey.

This helps provide the clarity, confidence and motivation you need to unfold the plan, (because so often people don’t have a clear plan), but even when they have one, they don’t necessarily have the mindset in place to make the plan a reality.

It’s all about marrying those up to help our members resolve this very common business hurdle.

Basically, we gotchu!


We currently have members in Australia, New Zealand and Korea.

Glad you’re keen, and I totally understand what it’s like making a decision to invest in your business.

I’m happy to answer all questions (no such thing as a silly question) and help you gain clarity about what the next right step is for you.

Feel free to send me a voicenote on Insta @solefiresuccess or an email here.

Got another question? Shoot Emily a quick email here.

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