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How ‘Tuning In’ Can Boost Your Wellness

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I’ve got a super quick wellness booster for you – it takes some practice, just like building muscle at the gym, but once you get this locked in, making healthy choices becomes a lot easier.

Knowing how to listen to your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself, plus it’s free and you can start right now. Count me in!

Do you need rest? Do you need movement?
Are you hungry? Are you full?
Are you shallow breathing?
Are you present? Or up in your head?
Are you speaking kindly to yourself? Are you jealous? Are you being fair? Are you listening, or reacting?

Sounds pretty basic, but if you could replay the dialogue in your head or go back over your day, did you make conscious choices, or were your decisions driven from a place of rules, fear or control?

Next time your body is telling you one thing, but your head is telling you the opposite, tune in and ask which is in your best interest for long term health.

Oftentimes we need to slow down to tune in, so here’s your permission slip to do just that tonight. It only takes a few a seconds to reflect – where are your choices stemming from?

Here’s to tuning in and feeling fab,


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