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Unwind & Chill | Playlist

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December is a full (ie. busy) time of year for many. So I thought we could benefit from a set of Unwind & Chill tunes, since there’s plenty of holiday music out there already. Unwind-Chill is great for anytime of year when life’s feeling ‘full’, reminding us to slow down our breath and be present.

Listen to ‘Unwind & Chill‘ while running errands, making dinner, taking a bath, just before sleep, when you’re feeling busy, stressed or anxious.

As with all my playlists, I’ve ordered the songs intentionally to give a certain feel and flow, so I recommend listening with the ‘Repeat’ option selected (and ‘Shuffle’ turned off), so that it plays in sequential order.

Emily unloading farmers market veggies listening to playlistI envisaged a photo of me sitting by a pool, sipping a green juice to depict how I hope this playlist makes you feel, but let’s be REAL – I haven’t been to a pool or beach yet this spring or summer. So instead, here’s a slightly blurry picture of me in action unloading my farmer’s market haul, while listening to Unwind & Chill, with messy kitchen floors begging to be swept, a comfy jumpsuit camouflaging my legs that are overdo for a shave, plus a million other things to tick-off my list, but I’ve got my cherries and I’ve got my tunes reminding me to stay CHILL.

You can preview some song snippets in the player below, but you’ll need to click Unwind & Chill here to listen to the complete playlist in the free Spotify app. (I don’t make any commission from these, I just love making them for you).

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Happy listening and happy holidays,




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