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Busting 4 Common Wellness Myths


BUSTED! Are these common wellness myths causing you more harm than good? Read on to see how when it comes to living a truly healthy life, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may seem.

I get it, I myself have felt some of these things in the past. They prevented me from being my healthiest, and I was exhausted by the feeling of there always being something more that I should be doing.

It always felt like a struggle.

That’s why it’s my mission to help women find freedom from this thinking, which ripples into freedom around food, their health and ultimately their life.⁣

But where do you even start? Here’s a hint: it’s not something drastic (thankfully, right!?)

What I now know and practice in my life is a much more realistic and sustainable approach to wellbeing, and it’s helped me feel the best I ever have and finally get off the hamster wheel.⁣

I’ll be teaching so much more on this topic and taking you behind-the-scenes to show you how you can start making little shifts, right now, that *actually* move the needle. #hallelujah ⁣

We’re doing a free 5 Day Challenge, just one thing a day, for a week straight, just so you can see how it feels.⁣

Because you deserve to live your life to it’s fullest.⁣

So come join me!

We ‪start October 5th‬ (5 days on the 5th 😉)⁣. I won’t be posting the challenge here on the blog or to social media though. Each mini challenge will be sent to your inbox, so just make sure you register for the 5 Day Challenge here to join us.

I can’t wait to see how these little shifts impact your life, health and happiness for the better.


Now let’s bust some myths!



“I don’t have enough time to cook/exercise/meditate/etc…”

Realistic daily habits (the ones that are actually worth implementing), do not need to take up heaps of time. Find small windows in your day (5, 10, 20 mins) where you can prioritize these habits and make a plan of action. Schedule them into your calendar and show up for your ‘appointments’ with yourself just like you would for an appointment with someone else. Remember, you don’t have to do it all.
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“Healthy living is expensive.”

You do not need to break the bank to be healthy. Superfoods, supplements, powders, gadgets and embellishments can be fun, but are absolutely not necessary. Figure out what your non-negotiables are, the things that make you feel your very best, and focus there (a Mentor can help with this if you’re unsure). Then forget all the other shiny objects constantly being touted as the next best thing (ironically they’re often not).
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“It doesn’t ‘count’ if I don’t stick to ‘XYZ’ habit/diet 100% perfectly, so I’ll just skip it completely… or do it later.”

Don’t let the ALL-OR-NOTHING gremlin get in your ear! Healthy living is not about the time clocked, boxes ticked or picture-perfect aesthetic. Bring your focus to the intention behind why you want to do what you do. That’s where the gold lies. It’s about coming from a place of trust that something is better than nothing, because even small habits send the message to your body that you are a priority, and your happiness is worth it. Take imperfect action!
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“It worked for her but not for me, so I must not be trying hard enough.”

Everyone has challenges and things that they want to change about themselves. What we need to remember is just because something works for one person, doesn’t mean it will be the same for you (and that’s ok).We all have different genetics, hormones, lifestyles, and advantages. Your version of something ‘working’ for you will likely look completely different to the next person (ie so it isn’t better or worse). Do the things that nourish you inside and out, and try to let go of what you think it ‘should’ look like. Any effort you make matters, and that is enough.
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Shazam! Time to get me my own Myth Busters show dontcha’ think ;)

And don’t forget to join me for 5 days of behind-the-scenes days of inspiration to support you in creating a simplified, healthier life… and finish 2020 renewed and refreshed.
(No ‘shoulds’ or perfectionism involved!)

The 5 Day Challenge starts October 5th, I can’t wait to see you inside.

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