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What Do You Love?


I have a question for you: What do you love to do?

Not what do you need to do, or what should you be doing, but what do you enjoy doing? What ‘lights your fire’? Makes you smile, just at the thought? Can fix a bad mood, or a crummy day?

It can be simple like reading a novel on a comfy sofa, gardening in the yard, spending time with your family, jamming out to some good tunes, etc. It doesn’t need to be big.

Stop for a minute and jot down just 3 things that you enjoy doing (if you need to pretend there are no realities/distractions of life to get in the way (ie. finances, children, health challenges – whether mental of physical) then do so. This is a judgement free, straight forward exercise.

Now write them down. It helps to see them visually, on a piece of paper.

Keep that note, we’ll get back to it in a second.
There was a time in my life when I had become so out of touch with myself, for a variety of reasons, that I had forgotten what it meant to look after ‘me’. I wouldn’t allow myself to entertain this question, let alone follow-through with doing something I like, just because it brought me joy.
There was always someone else to please, something to be accomplished and no focus could be ‘wasted’ on myself. It sounds crazy doesn’t it? Yet so many people these days are stuck in this trap.

We get so caught up in everything and everyone else around us, it’s easy to lose sight of this simple concept.

Do you find yourself worrying about your spouse and their happiness more than your own? Or making sure you meet all the expectations at work, even though you are exhausting yourself trying to make the boss happy? Where in your life are you giving more then you have, to give?

This is not to say that there is compromise and sacrifice in relationships and in life. But there is a point where you must decide if you’re giving more than your 50% to the equation.

Doing things that you love is not selfish. Looking after your own wellbeing is not selfish. When you take the time to fill your cup, it leaves you full and more able to bring your best to the world, and to your friends, family and partner.

Today I invite you do a little bit of something you love, however small, I’m giving you the go-ahead to do something for no other reason than it makes you smile. Just for today, push aside the need to get something done, to fill the space, and relish in the goodness of a soak in the bathtub, dancing your tush off to the 90’s Pandora station or whatever the heck it is that makes you happy.

A simple concept in theory, but not always easy in practice. Now grab that list, and get going! Stick to this for a week and report back to me. Taking that little time our for yourself can be such a game changer for your overall happiness.

Do you make time for yourself? Would you like to set aside more time? What ‘fills your cup’? Share with me in the comments how you want to integrate a little bit more of ‘you’ into your life today – let’s inspire each other.


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