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Finding Your Unique Style Of Self-Care

Beautiful summer fruit at the organic farmers market

Self-Care is about so much more than facials and bubble baths, but given that’s how it’s usually represented in media, it can get a little confusing to define. Read about what I believe true self-care looks like, and get my list of ’13 Self-Care Exercises Beyond Bubble Baths’ so you can start implementing more holistic self-care today.

How gorgeous is Queensland’s summer fruit at the moment? I’ve been nourishing myself with this fresh local bounty for the last few months, and especially the past couple of weeks while we are experiencing such high temps and heavy humidity.

While I sit here in the mid-day humidity, biting into a juicy nectarine, I’m feeling thankful that I re-stocked my produce supply at the farmers market this week. In all transparency though, going to the market was the last thing I wanted to do after spending the 2 days prior at a particularly long and full-on work conference.

My brain and body felt tired, but I knew the best thing I could do for myself was to get up and go to the market the next morning, so I could replenish my energy with local organic goodness.

This is what self-care looks like for me. It’s not always the fun and fluffy stuff, sometimes it’s the stuff that I know will keep me maintaining my best level of balance.

That doesn’t mean I force things that I truly do not want to do, that’s not healthy either. It just means that sometimes I gently nudge myself in the right direction if I’m feeling some resistance, when I know that the thing I’m resisting is actually something that’ll serve me for the better. I don’t always get it right, but I do my best.

Let’s un-pack this a little more, shall we?

Self-care can be bubble baths and facials, if those things make you FEEL cared for, happy, relaxed, nurtured, and healthy. But it can also look like the less exciting, less ‘sexy’ things too, if those things also help you feel your healthiest. There is no right or wrong here. You do you.

So what about the less romanticised forms of self-care, the ones we don’t hear about in media. Have you been keeping up with these acts of self-love lately?

To help inspire you into action, I’ve put together a list of 13 Self-Care Exercises Beyond Bubble Baths for you. The best part, you can start implementing these exercises today!

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Your self-care will look different to your mom, your friend, or your partner’s self-love practices.

Remember that these exercises and practices are about how they make you FEEL (short-term and long-term), not just about ‘doing the done thing’.

So if a facial doesn’t really do it for you, then a facial isn’t your style of self-care and that’s ok!

If flossing everyday (and the peace of mind of knowing you’re not going to have any cavities at your next check-up) makes you feel good, then that’s a version of self-care for you.

It’s all about balancing the short-term fun stuff with the long-term less fun stuff – both of which help make you your healthiest and happiest self.

Tell me below one self-care exercise that you’re going to do for yourself this week, perhaps something that you’ve been resisting? Something a little ‘un-sexy’ but yields results that make you feel great longterm.

Your comment just might be the catalyst for someone else to take action, so thank you for sharing so openly.

With Love,

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