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The Type Of Self Care No One Talks About


Self care doesn’t always look like bubble baths or luxurious facials.

It also includes conscious daily choices, like doing the less exciting and sometimes messy tasks, that result in more balance and harmony in your life.

Things like choosing to take a few minutes in the morning to have a cuppa and just be still before checking emails, or organizing the photos on your phone that have piled up for way too long, or going to bed at decent hour (despite wanting to get work done, or binge watch Grand Hotel on Netflix #addicting), or saying no when you’re feeling overbooked, or speaking up when you know you need to – even if it feels a little uncomfortable.

It doesn’t have be Instagram-able to mean self care my friends. Sometimes doing these things are just what we need to feel lighter.

What’s one simple thing that you’ve been putting off, that you can do today?

Here’s to all the ways we can nurture our inner spark,

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