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Invigorating Pop | Playlist

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We’re now halfway through January, how are those new years resolutions going?
This ‘Invigorating Pop’ playlist is the perfect boost of motivation to help keep up with your movement and fitness goals. Full of energetic and FUN beats, you won’t be able to hold still!

Listen to ‘Invigorating Pop’ when you need some energy and motivation to move your body. Turn it on when you go for a walk and you will be strutting down the sidewalks! This music is perfect for your workout, your drive home after a long day, when you’re cleaning the house, or of course, cooking nourishing food.

You can preview some song snippets in the player at the bottom of this post, but you’ll need to click
Invigorating Pop HERE to listen to the complete playlist in the free Spotify app.
(I don’t make any commission from these, I just love making them for you).
Once you’re in the app, ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ the playlist to save it for later so you can listen anytime you need a spark of inspiration.

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Now go shimmy your way through those fitness goals, enjoy!



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