Certainty & Coping Guided Meditation

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Soothe feelings of doubt and uncertainty when times feel unpredictable with this Certainty and Coping Meditation. (30 mins)

Our signature Resonant Rhythms™ technology makes reaching deep levels of relaxation, effortless.

Additional Info

This audio track is part of SoleFire Chill Sessions Guided Meditations.

Certainty and Coping Meditation scores the CENTERED rating in our Resonant Rhythms™ system. Our CENTERED Sessions help initiate low-end Alpha brainwaves to facilitate a sense of calm focus, confidence and contentment.

Each audio track has been carefully designed to do all the hard work for you… you just get to sit back and be taken on the journey.

With Emily’s personal vocal guidance supporting you throughout each session, including special thought exercises to help process aspects of the topic at hand, and a unique blend of soothing Ambient Sounds, Resonant Rhythms™, and Specialised Isochronic Tones (to truly help your brain and body relax) you can effortlessly reach that blissful state of clarity and rejuvenation that our minds and bodies so rarely get to enjoy in our modern world.

All you need is a set of headphones (even your smartphone earbuds will do), and the willingness to sit down and play a track for a few minutes, to start reaping the transformational benefits.

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